Eagle Eye Striping: Frequently Asked Questions

At Eagle Eye Striping we want you to have all the knowledge and confidence you need to make the right decision when finding the right striping company for your needs! Here are a few of the most common frequently asked questions we receive about our services. But if you still have questions, certainly feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to answer and discuss them with you!

Question: How often does a parking lot need to be restriped?

Answer: To keep a property looking its very best many property owners budget to have their lots striped annually.  Does that mean every lot needs to be re-striped every year? It sure doesn’t. One thing to consider is the amount of traffic your lot is exposed to. Typically shopping centers experience high volumes of traffic compared to small office buildings, and therefore, these shopping centers require more maintenance. Regardless of the type of property, it’s always important maintain a visible fire lane. A flaking and deteriorating fire lane can lead to unwanted citations from your local fire marshal.

Question: Does it matter what kind of paint is used to stripe a parking lot?

Answer: Absolutely! You might be thinking that paint is just paint, but in our industry the quality of paint you use can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in repeat striping and fines from deteriorated fire lanes. We use a variety of commercial products from Sherwin Williams ranging from alkyd paint to chlorinated rubber. You can rest assured that Eagle Eye Striping selects the appropriate type of paint for each portion of a project.  Be sure whoever you choose is using a high quality pavement grade paint that is not watered down or diluted.

Question: What time of day is best for striping? Outside of business hours?

Answer: We can absolutely stripe outside of business hours.  We understand that many businesses are not interested in closing their doors to customers during their normal operating hours. For this purpose we have crews that are able to operate during any hour of the day or night.  Your striping experience should be one that is hassle free to you and your patrons.

Question: What if I’m not happy with how something was done?

Answer: We want your experience with Eagle Eye Striping to be one of the best you’ve ever had, and that’s why we offer you a 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with our service and scope of work, we will promptly address and perform, to your complete satisfaction, those issues regarding material or workmanship