Eagle Eye Striping: Professional Service, Quality Results, Affordable Prices

City Striping
Cities use striping to encourage a smooth and safe flow of traffic. This result is achieved through the use of  arrows, stopbars, divider lines, traffic markers and buttons. With a project like this it’s especially important to maintain traffic safety throughout the duration of the work. The experts at Eagle Eye Striping have the experience needed to eliminate unsafe conditions and get the job done in a timely manner.
Custom Signage
Sometimes projects require signage that’s specific to that location. This is where custom signage comes in. Metal signs can be created to reflect the specific size, wording and colors you request. Whatever sign you need, our design experts can give you the look you are going for.
Custom Stenciling
Although we primarily see stenciling appear on fire lanes and handicap spaces, there are several other uses it can have in a parking lot.  We can help give your “visitors” a clear place to park as well as organize a system based on numbered spaces. The options are really limitless as technology now allows us to create numerous custom images and lettering. Talk with our experts today to learn more about this specific service.
Metal Signage
Eagle Eye Striping offers wide variety of metal signage. All of the metal signage Eagle Eye Striping uses is in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act and Texas Accessibility Standards. This includes all traffic and handicap signs on standard or custom posts. The metal signage Eagle Eye Striping uses are made from a heavy gauge sign grade aluminum alloy, which is longer lasting and rust free even in tough weather conditions.
Parking Lot Layout
When laying out a new parking lot you want to make sure to maximize the use of your lot while maintaining functionality and safety. We can help make sure that your lot not only meets City and ADA regulations but also makes the space comfortable for your patrons. Our experienced staff can create the design that’s sure to help regulate any range of traffic flow on your property.
Power Washing
Power washing uses a high pressure mechanical sprayer that can be used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, concrete and asphalt surfaces. This service creates a cleaner surface and improves paint adhesion. Power washing also has the ability to remove obsolete or unwanted striping. Striping removal is essential when redesigning a parking area or adding disabled parking on concrete. Furthermore, pressure washing can remove gum and dirt build-up in parking garages to help maintain a clean environment.
Sand Blasting
Sand blasting, most known for its ability to remove graffiti, is the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Whether it’s to remove existing paint or to prep a new surface for striping—the sandblasting experts at Eagle Eye  Striping are the ones to call to get the job done quick, fast, and with the most dependable and professional service.
Sport Court & Playground Striping
Many times customers require striping that goes beyond on the road.  Eagle Eye Striping is experienced in creating sports courts that require precise measurements. In addition to this we are equipped to handle playground striping as well. Whether you are seeking to play a game of basketball or four square, Eagle Eye Striping can make sure you are ready to go.
Traffic Markers & Buttons
Pavement markers and traffic buttons are a great way to increase visibility, day or night. We have the ability to meet all city guidelines and can assure that all of the products used are in compliance with the Department of Public Safety.  Eagle Eye Striping can assist you in determining the exact markers you need in order to make you road as safe as possible
Warehouse Striping
When striping a warehouse you want to make sure that the materials used in this space are up to par with the extreme traffic it is exposed to.  Forklifts and pallets can cause tremendous wear and tear, which is why we use a two-part epoxy armor seal made by Sherwin Williams.  Talk with our experienced staff today if you’d like to learn more about this specific service.